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Frequently asked questions

Centene FAQ

Centene UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Centene Corporation. Centene UK specialises in enabling effective coordination of care through data analysis, logistics, and the development of IT solutions. We work to ensure patients see the right clinician at the right time. We work alongside our NHS, local authority and independent sector partners to provide a unique skill set and knowledge, enabling them to focus on what they do best, delivering exceptional care for patients.

The NHS is extremely complicated. It is split into 211 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) or local areas. The area in which you live may have more than one hospital, 50 or more GP practices, and separate organisations that provide home based care and mental health services. A single mid-sized hospital might have half a million interactions a year with its patients. On top of this, there are likely to be tens of social care providers, and a myriad of charities, nursing and care homes. The skills required to co-ordinate care across this many providers are considerable and specialised. Individual organisations that are committed to providing clinical services and look after patients neither have the resources nor expertise to track the patient at every point in their journey through what are complex and often fragmented health systems. The tasks of data management, and logistics are very different to those of clinical care. 

When patients get the right care, in the right place, at the right time, quality increases and costs naturally fall. Centene believes that the highest quality intervention is also, in the long run, the cheapest. Our experience with Ribera Salud in Spain, which is recognised by governments across the world as an example of an effective model of care, has shown that using data analytics and improving the co-ordination of care produces better results for the patient at less cost to the government.

We are developing care coordination programmes in partnership with local health providers. We invest a lot of time listening to people’s views, gathering data and analysing the situation so that we can use our expertise to work in partnership with local providers to develop a local solution that will benefit the local community.

Centene has also in invested in The Practice Group (TPG) since 2014. TPG works with the NHS to provide and support primary care and community based services across England. It delivers innovative and tailored solutions to local healthcare challenges. Centene has worked with TPG to develop their IT systems and support its clinicians with new ways of clinical reporting. Working with Centene allows TPG to provide a better service to both patients and the NHS. 

Centene works primarily with government funded healthcare systems.

In the US Centene’s work includes coordinating care for the elderly and the disadvantaged, who have access to the government funded Medicaid and Medicare programmes.

Centene works with Ribera Salud, a leading Spanish integrated healthcare provider, supporting governments in improving healthcare delivery. Ribera Salud’s model was developed as a citizen-centered and fully integrated healthcare system, in collaboration with the Spanish government. Now, Ribera Salud operates in two autonomous localities in Spain, notably constructing and operating numerous hospitals, imaging services, laboratory diagnostics and primary care centres.

More information about Ribera Salud can be found here: