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About Centene UK

Centene UK specialises in enabling effective coordination of care through data analysis, logistics, and the development of IT solutions. We provide a unique skill set and knowledge, enabling our NHS, local authority and independent sector partners to focus on what they do best – delivering exceptional care for patients.

About Centene UK

Centene has built this expertise over the last 33 years. Our goal in the UK is to use this expertise to develop pilot programmes that demonstrate the impact of our approach, and to help the NHS to improve patient care and reduce the overall cost to the NHS.

Our aim is to support our partners in better coordinating the care for patients. In any given area of the NHS there will be millions of visits and investigations, diagnoses and consultations. A key challenge is piecing all this information together to provide a clear picture of the patient journey through the system. This will allow care providers to ensure that the patient is being properly looked after, and getting exactly the care they need when they need it.

Doing this requires considerable skills in logistics and data management.

More About Centene UK

Centene works primarily with government owned and run health systems. The vast majority of our work focusses on ensuring our partners realise savings whilst ensuring better health outcomes. We make significant up front investments to make sure that our expertise will make a difference locally. We believe the way we think and act clearly supports the NHS mission to provide equal care for all.

We are proud of what we do across the globe. We know our person-centred approach can be applied successfully in other systems as evidenced by our involvement with Ribera Salud, a leading integrated care organisation managing public healthcare systems in Spain which have had a significant impact on reducing costs and demonstrating patient benefits.