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Our mission is to provide specialist support to the NHS & local authorities to improve the coordination of care for patients in the UK.


Centene UK’s Mission

Centene UK specialises in enabling effective coordination of care through data analysis, logistics, and the development of IT solutions. The Centene Corporation, our parent company, has worked with healthcare providers for over 33 years developing tools and approaches to help better coordinate care so that patients get the right care first time. Our experience includes our work in Spain with Ribera Salud. Centene UK’s aim is to bring this expertise to the UK.

As the health and social needs of the populations we serve become ever more complex, they receive care from an ever wider range of clinicians and care giving organisations. Many people have experienced the challenges of navigating what has become an ever more complicated system to make sure their loved ones get this care in a coordinated way.

Coordinating care is what Centene does. This can dramatically improve the experience for patients, and saves money. We do this by building an accurate and comprehensive picture of the care that every patient needs. This can be extremely complicated and involves piecing information together from many sources to provide a clear picture of the patients’ journey through the system. It is this information that enables us to work with local care providers to coordinate the care that every patient gets to ensure that they receive the right care, in the right place at the right time.